DevOps Training in Ameerpet Hyderabad

The term DevOps is the combination of two phrases; “Dev” from software Development and “Ops” from Information Technology Operations. As the name implies, DevOps refers to the practice of combining certain aspects from software development and Information Technology. It also includes automated process delivery software.

Infologicsoft’s DevOps training is an industry standard certification program which includes an insightful guidance through the entire DevOps process. Beginning from continuous development to continuous monitoring of the entire software development life cycle; the package includes best practices in the field and demanding industry tools.

It also includes testing, configuration as well as change management. The course is delivered by a panel of renowned professionals through impact methods of conceptual and contextual delivery tools.

Who Should Follow This Program

Anybody with passion for software development and Information Technology Operations could join this program. It is specifically designed to create and improve the skills and abilities of the following IT professionals.

  • Systems Admins
  • Testers
  • Release Engineers
  • Solutions Architect
  • Developers
  • Cloud Professionals

The course content is structured in such a manner that most sought out platforms and tools from the industry are given high prominence. It also provides a comprehensive understanding and qualification of the DevOps landscape.

The course content includes:
  • Linux
    • The most prominent open source operating system
    • Exclusive packages available for desktop as well as server compatibility
    • Wide availability resources such as supporting tools, libraries and Kernels
    • Includes a wide range of OS distribution openSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat and Debian
  • GIT
    • An excellent open source package with free distributed version to work with controlled system designing.
    • Assured stability, speed and reliability. Specially designed for handling projects of any scope with great efficiency.
  • CHEF
    • A configuration management tool for setting up machines on physical servers, virtual machines and cloud platform.
    • Intensively used by industry leaders to control and manage the infrastructure through deployment and reusability of resources.
  • LAMP
    • The most popular open source web platform for running dynamic websites and servers
    • A popular choice of web development
    • Includes prominent platforms like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • Maven
    • A software project management tool
    • A convenient tool for making reports, checks, builds and test automations.
  • Vagrant
    • A tool for building and distributing development environments
    • Supports multiple running environments such as local platforms, virtualbox, AWS, OpenStack and Docker.
  • Docker
    • A popular system administrator tool to build, ship and run applications.
    • Compatible and available for machines, virtual machines, data centers and cloud platform.
  • Nagios
    • A free open source computer network used to monitor infrastructure, system and networks
  • Sonar Qube
    • A quality management platform for maintaining and monitoring source code quality.
  • Nexus
    • A repository management tool
    • Allows hassle free collection and management of dependencies for software development
  • Jenkins
    • A containerization and continuous integration of tool.
    • Open source automation server which can be used to automate all sorts of tasks such as building, testing, and deploying software.

Understanding some of the most powerful DevOps tools recognized by the industry would give you a head start in your career.

Some of the most prominent tools are:
  • Docker for containerization
  • Jenkins for continuous integration
  • Puppet for code infrastructure
  • Vagrant for virtualizing the platform
Cloud DevOps:

Cloud computing is a modern computing trend and DevOps in cloud is one of the most sought after qualifications. Cloud DevOps is the qualification and ability to deploy agile development in cloud computing through the practice of DevOps.

Agile Development:

Traditional software development delivers one final software program at one time. Modern development of software occurs incrementally; building upon different stages over different timelines and this practice is referred to as Agile software development.

Information Technology Operations:

IT Operations refer to the comprehensive services offered by an IT staff to their respective clients.The clients could be internal members of the organization or someone from outside.Providing these services to the clients is considered as a business process.

Agile Software Development

The modern incremental software development strategy; the program is developed through self-organizing as well as cross functional teams. Some salient features of this development technique are timely delivery, evolution of development, responsiveness, flexibility and continuous improvement.

Infologicsoft has created an industry relevant DevOps certification and training program which includes a wide array of competitive features such as:

  • Course designed for duration of 45 days and includes a comprehensive course material package.
  • Theoretical concepts elaborated through conceptual explanation, mock interviews and real-time scenarios.
  • Structured sessions with interview questions and explanation of projects in real time.
  • Industry relevant training with 100% job guarantee
  • Dedicated weekend sessions to cover the industry landscape and modern trends.
  • Specialized online trainings and dedicated in-class trainings at Ameerpet, Hyderabad.
Career Potentials:

DevOps is one of the fastest growing professional IT skills of the 21st century and is categorized as one of the most sought after skills and qualifications of the digital revolution. DevOps training with us gives you the upper hand among millions of young graduates around the country.

Some prominent career potentials if you are qualified and certified by Infologicsoft as a DevOps professional are as follow:

  • DevOps Architect
  • Automation Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Software tester
  • Integration specialist
  • Release manager
₹5,000 ₹8,000

What’s included

  • 12 hours video
  • Certificate
  • 12 Article
  • Watch Offline
  • Lifetime access

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